Write a letter to Father Christmas

Father Christmas has written this letter to your child, all about how he is gettong ready for The Big Day. He’s hoping for a letter back, and as your child has been so good, he’s hoping they’ll write and tell him what they'd like as a special present.


He’s included an illustrated sheet of his best writing paper for your child to write/draw a letter back.

And a  green envelope, addressed in gold to him in his workshop at the North Pole, (with space to draw a magic stamp) so your child can leave the letter out at bed time and it will be delivered by magic to the man himself.


How it works – You place the big blue envelope from the North Pole under the Christmas Tree or on their bedside table or on the doorstep.

Snuggle up all together (possibly with mugs of hot chocolate and cozy blankets!) and read the letter that Father Christmas has written to your child and his pet or toy or friend - and enjoy writing and drawing a letter back. Be sure to include some requests for presents!

Fold your children's letter and put it into the special green envelope and place it back under the tree or wherever you chose.

To post the letter, put your fingers on your nose, close your eyes and spin round three times shouting, 'Bibbly bobbly BOO!' The letter will have magically vanished!*


* If you can, now is the time to hide the letter and look astonished! Of course you can also leave it out overnight when it will magically get delivered to Santa. (He’ll be so excited – he loves getting post!) 

(*We recommend hiding the letter VERY well! -  until a future Christmas when you feel nostalgic!)

Write a letter to Father Christmas