The pink snow

Father Christmas is on his way, but before he goes, he takes the time to write and illustrate a personalised letter to tell your special person all about his adventures in the North Pole. 

He's using his best quill pen, and can't resist adding little drawings in the margins. He seals his letter with a jolly red S in proper wax. And sprinkles on a little magic for luck.

Father Christmas will personally address the letter to your special person, and on the outside, there is room to be as magical as you like with the directions. Maybe he'll be looking for 'Olivia, cuddled up on the sofa, The House with the red roof' or 'the House next to the secret Fairy Palace'. He also has room to write one thing that you would like him to mention - it can be what your child is proud of or their best toy's or pet's) name.  

Father Christmas will mention that he's brought an extra special pink present as well, for being so good - but doesn't say what - he firmly believes in suprises!

It might be nice to hide a very special pink present near the letter!

The pink snow