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2023 Personalised Father Christmas Letter! The Magical Maze

Father Christmas is very careful to write a letter to every child with his best quill pen, and he likes to put little pictures in the margin. Of course this means he spends far too much time on each letter, so he’s got Rudolf to help by licking the stamps, and he’s asked me if I could help the Elves post them to everyone.

In your letter, your child’s name is handwritten with pen and ink on to Santa’s uniquely illustrated Christmas letter. Father Christmas likes to say hello too, to your child's favourite pet or toy.

Your letter is printed on high quality parchment paper, folded (like very old letters), wax-sealed with Santa's jolly red ‘S’, and your child's name and magical Christmas address are handwritten with his big quill pen on the front.

The address can be as magical as you like e.g Oliver, under the Christmas tree, the house with the red roof.
And of course we will post them to wherever you are - the Elves will help!

A lovely letter to find on Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning on the empty biscuit plate, or even by chance later on in the day when it's time for a quiet snuggle and a hot chocolate.

2023 Personalised Father Christmas Letter! The Magical Maze

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