2021 A magical, personalised letter from Father Christmas

Imagine a handwritten and illustrated letter from Father Christmas just appearing on the tree, or being delivered by the elf on your shelf.


Personalised for up to three children, this letter is handwritten by Father Christmas and tells your child of his latest adventures with the elves in the North Pole. He enjoys writing to his friends so much he gets a bit carried away, and has added little drawings too.


Father Christmas has sealed it with a drop of wax - so if you would like a little peek before the big day, you can!


The letters are delivered by elves, so they need a magical way of finding your home! - the address can be as snuggly and magical as you like. He has delivered to, 'Oliver, sitting on the end of his bed, surrounded by Lego' and 'Katie, the house with the red roof and the secret fairy castle in the garden'.


Enjoy snuggling up and thinking magical thoughts! 

Letters can be from Father Christmas or Santa.

2021 A magical, personalised letter from Father Christmas