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Father Christmas and rudolph grinning


Father Christmas here!

Leigh has been helping me deliver my letters for a few years now - ever since she helped me write some for her own children. She gave some to the playgroup and was astonished at how well received they were. I'm not surprised, she does such a good job.

She opened an Etsy shop ( and encouraged by the positive comments,  asked the elves if they would help her set up a little shop to sell magical letters from mythical beings, and this is it! Letters from the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Boo the ghost, all will all be coming soon.

She's an illustrator and artist (did you know she's won some awards for her paintings? And will be appearing on Sky TV's Portrait Artist of the year, so we are very proud).

So when you choose Leigh to help with your letter you are getting a mini piece of art!

She lives by the sea in a village near the magical winding streets of Edinburgh, in a house built around the time of Outlander. It's really quite a special place - there are seals, and deer and on especially starlit nights I might fly over her house and say hello!


If you'd like to see some of her paintings, pop over to where she figures out paintings and experiments. I like a nice picture of flowers myself.


Sky Portrait Artist of the year
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