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twinkly purplre snow
two illustrated letters from father Christmas

Welcome to Magic Little Letters

Magic Little Letters is a tiny shop opened by Santa's elves

to help deliver this years...

Christmas magic stars
Christmas magic stars
edited letter in tree.jpg

Every year Father Christmas snuggles up by the fire with his best quill pen to write to the boys and girls of the world. He tells them about his adventures in the North Pole - and he often adds little drawings too.

He then folds each letter up carefully, the old fashioned way, (like Jane Austen would), writes a magical address on the front, and seals the letter with a blob of wax.

The elves then get busy in their little shop to make sure his letters get delivered.

If you’d like to visit their shop, and make sure Santa writes to your special someone, click here..

Magical letter from father Christmas

People say...

Magic little

‘Absolutely magical’

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